Hermes Ahmadi Comedy


Hermes (1987) Hermes decided to nosedive into comedy a bit over four years ago and immediately entered the finals of small festivals in the Netherlands!

He quickly toured around the Netherlands and picked up shows in neighbouring Belgium and Germany as well. From clubs, to pubs to theaters, if there's a stage, a stool and a mic (and a bar), Hermes will be there!

Meanwhile, he developed his own brand of comedy, combining personal stories with absurd thoughts and sometimes wholesome, sometimes scalding observations about our best and worst habits. His material varies from cheese to driving, from climate change to the end of the world!

In 2022, he started touring with his very first solo show named "You might be here", about his life in Afghanistan in war and peace, his journey to the Netherlands and the weird Western European culture he grew up in.

Hermes also organises events and workshops throughout the country, for different venues and companies.


14 November

Laughing Lyrics Amsterdam- Line-up

16 November

Tankstation Enschede- Line-up 

17 November

International Center Tilburg - Line-up - English

18 November

U Bevindt Zich Hier - Theater Scagon - Schagen - Dutch

19 November

De Schelleboom Oosterhout - Open Mic

23 November

You Might Be Here - Station Zuid Den Bosch - English

25 November

U Bevindt Zich Hier - Cultuurhuis Driebergen - Dutch

30 November

U Bevindt Zich Hier - Elckerlyc Hilvarenbeek - Dutch

1 December

U Bevindt Zich Hier - Station Zuid Den Bosch - Dutch

2 December

U Bevindt Zich Hier - De Schelleboom Oosterhout - Dutch

7 December

Tech Roast - Dynamo Eindhoven - English

14 December

U Bevindt Zich Hier - Weeffabriek Geldrop - Dutch

15 December

U Bevindt Zich Hier - Heyhoef Reeshof - Dutch

20 December

Roast of 2023 - P60 Amstelveen - English

21 December

Roast of 2023 - Dynamo Eindhoven - English

25 October

Theatercafé Muze Hilversum - Line-up - English

29 October

The Comedy Embassy - Comedy Café Amsterdam - English

3 November

Theatercafé Muze Hilversum - Lin-up -  English

4 November

You Might Be Here - Dynamo Eindhoven - English

8 November

You Might Be Here - P60 Amstelveen - English

9 November

The Comedy Embassy - Comedy Café Amsterdam - English

11 November

Comedyclubde Burcht - Leiden - English

12 November

De Effenaar Eindhoven - Line-up - English

13 November

Haha Habibi - De Burgers Eindhoven - English





For private shows, line-up shows, as host, presenter, comedian or workshop coach.

Hermes can (help) organise events for you, your venue or company.

Besides regular comedy shows, Hermes can also organise events regarding LGBTQ+, Climate Change, Science, Integration, Racism and other themes, in English as well as in Dutch.